No one wants a middle-man who gets in the way of selling opportunities. That is why we are standing shoulder to shoulder with you as your FMO, empowering you to take control of your selling opportunity.

As a Producer Partner with Golden Outlook, we’ll support you with the tactics and network to succeed. In each state, we are working hand-in-hand with medical groups, using our relationships and field marketing expertise to create win-win situations between our agency partners and our fellow provider groups. This means easier access to quality of care for beneficiaries. In addition, we provide top-tier commissions, Marketing Support, Co-Op Dollars, Training/Certifications and CMS Guideline review to ensure your sales are met with the highest standards.

The Elite Agency Club

  • Earn up to $40,000 in rewards each year
  • Rewards for agencies on one simple metric…sales
  • Program available to all who join Golden Outlook


  • We work hand-in-hand with medical groups so our agencies can help
    beneficiaries have easy access to quality health care.
  • Close ties to carriers and health plans enables access to a deep bench of
    leading health plans in your area. Join Golden Outlook.


David Hunter, President of Health1 Insurance Agency

“Golden Outlook’s leadership and employees are exceptional! The support, guidance, mentorship and hard work creating avenues of success for agents and agencies, is unmatched. They truly go above and beyond, for my agents and agency. Golden Outlook has taken my agency to a level we could not have achieved without them.”

GO Customer

“My team has worked with Golden Outlook for over 13 years and their commitment to my team has been exceptional. We always have the support we need to help us be successful in our business. Communication is great with our team manager Jayson, marketing materials and support are always available and training is provided on a regular basis to keep my team current on Medicare and compliance changes. The online resource center provides a lot of information that helps us track where we are as a team. Thank you to Golden Outlook for all you do!”

Kim F.

“Golden Outlook has given me the opportunity to become more than just an agent. I have built an agency. I know of no other agency that offers the support they offer.”

Edda M.

“After working with different FMO's we can truly say that Golden Outlook and the staff are the best one in the country. They contact you all the time to find out if you need help. They are approachable and understanding. They are always available.”

Resource Center

  • Manage your business online with Golden Outlook
  • Access Resource Center
  • Access carrier appointment and commissions status for agents
  • Get Leads
  • Quote and enrollment tools
  • Manage agent training and development
  • Carrier updates and certification instructions
  • Access our CRM to manage leads and enrollment
  • Sales support tools and contacts
  • Call recording and access to connecture